Tally Prime is accounting software that allows the owner to manage multiple companies. Tally UAE records accounting and inventory transactions anywhere and anytime. Prime is the advanced version of Tally which is integrated business management.

Tally Prime UAE - Emerald Softwares

To ensure the growth of the business, you need to know the right insights. The features of Tally Prime UAE are

  • GO TO–you can easily access any part of the Tally by searching in the “Go to” bar. This makes it easy for the users.
  • Single sign-in – Tally Prime UAE allows the user to access the different companies with the same credential. This optimizes the time and helps organize efficiently.
  • Optimize invoice – this feature helps the user to create more than one invoice for multiple items.
  • Chart of accounts – this option allows access to all masters including ledgers, cost center, and voucher.
  • Access anywhere at any time – Tally Prime UAE provides the ability to view reports in the comfort of your browser and assures the data is always safe.
  • Change mode – to navigate easily, the change mode gives three options as ‘item invoice’, ‘accounting invoice’, and ‘as invoice’.
  • Mark details as permanent – Tally prime UAE allows a permanent feature that helps the user to set to avoid go through unnecessary fields.
  • Switch user – Tally UAE provides ‘change user’ and ‘switch user’ option that makes the user give credential of different users.

Tally Dubai also provides reporting engines and gets more insightful as

  1. Change view – this option provides the toggle between the number of times an operation is done by a user and the time spent. “Ctrl+h” is the shortcut for change the view.
  2. Save view – allows users to create personalized reports and save multiple views of the same report.
  3. Basics of values – change the parameters in the reports with a different perspective.
  4. Exception – allows highlighting the required data.

You many views of your business through a host of business reports related to accounting, inventory, and financial management control. Tally gives the facilities for stock management and optimizes the cash flow. You can print or view the reports in the middle of any entry by loading multiple companies.

The data entry and recording feature mold your business. “More details” is the feature that has the capability to handle all sorts of situations. This also allows modifying the details of master or transactions without navigating to specific fields.

Tax compliance is made easy with the below steps

  • Create an invoice within seconds – you can create a bilingual Tax invoice. For example, in UAE you can create in both Arabic and English.
  • Multiple billing formats – you can enable fast billing according to the requirement of your business either product or service-oriented.
  • Flexible sales and purchase management – Tally prime UAE keeps you update with sales or purchase orders, debit or credit notes anything.
  • Multi-currency support – with Tally UAE, you can record invoices, orders, quotations, and payments in foreign currency.
  • Multiple addresses – Tally prime UAE allows you to create multiple mailing addresses for your company that you can use accordingly.
  • Support promotional transactions – Tally Dubai supports promotional transactions as free schemes and different transactions with actual and zero-valued billing.

As Tally prime UAE promises the owner safe business data, support over different transactions and the future is ready for the organization to grow without flaw millions of businesses trust Tally.

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